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John Whittaker a seat in the European Parliament.

a seat, although the party polled 134,958 votes.

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British National Party leader Nick Griffin, who arrived and left Manchester Town Hall to jeers from protesters, failed to win Klockor Omega Herr

He said: "The British people are right behind what we are standing for.

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Mr Whittaker said it was "a magnificent result" for the UKIP.

Mr Karim added: "I am absolutely delighted. It is vital that we ensure there is diversity in representation because we live in a multicultural society."

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Conservative MEP Den Dover said: "It is not a disappointing night. There were nine seats available and we wanted four, but so did Labour, and we both came up with three."

He said: "It is fantastic we have doubled our numbers and also elected our first Asian MEP."

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Labour MEP Gary Titley said it had been "a very disappointing" night for the party and accused the Lib Dems of focussing on atrocities committed by American soldiers and not on European issues.

with the deceit and fed up with the covering up of what the EU is about.

The United Kingdom Independence Party won its first seat in the North West region which includes Cumberia as its success in the European elections continued.

The UKIP, which wants to withdraw from the European Union altogether, polled 247,158 votes giving Rolex Yacht Master Rose Gold

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"People want to draw back from the EU and we are providing a means for that to happen."


But Labour and the Conservatives both suffered losses, ending the night with just Nike Vapormax Black Orange three seats each, down from four and five respectively in 1999.

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Liberal Democrat Chris Davies said it was a great night for his party.

"People are fed up Grön Rolex

Turnout in the North West regioin which includes Cumbria, where voting was by postal ballot, was 41.46%, about double what it was in 1999.

And it was a good night for the Liberal Democrats, who won two seats with 335,063 votes and saw its first non white parliamentarian, Sajjad Karim, elected.

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