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Diet. challenge offered great human interest and, granted it was protracted, the show Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit Anthracite did shine a light on ordinary Canadians trying to make healthy choices.

I also did not know many sports drinks contain a whopping nine teaspoons of sugar! That's about the same as a can of pop. Water is all most people need to stay well hydrated unless they are exercising seriously for over an hour.

In many cases, MacLeod suggests, we don't have the basic information to make healthier food decisions. Caloric labeling on menus, he says, would be one simple and effective way to help us make better choices.

Apparently, we should all be aiming for less than five per cent daily food value (DFV) in fat, sugar and salt. Getting there might take professional advice.

A new nutrition message in the last year suggests Canadians limit their salt intake to 1,500 mg per day. glucose, maltose, lactose, fructose) all types of sugar.

Meanwhile, Liverpool and Drumheller are both lining up if there's a season two of Village on a Diet. Apparently, the community services department in Taylor applied for a health and wellness grant and then found out a TV crew was hoping to get involved. Other communities want access to solid information, but won't attract TV cameras. Luckily, we can dial up a dietitian for health improving advice.

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Now we're in the middle of Nutrition Month (it's also Red Cross Month, Help Fight Liver Disease Month, National Epilepsy Month and Learning Disabilities Awareness Month), and a different spotlight is being focused on healthy living. Rightly so. In fact, Ontario doctors are sounding an alarm. Obesity is an epidemic, they say, and provincial parties need to commit to tackling childhood obesity in the next election.

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Here in the Annapolis Valley, we can phone a dietician if we have questions around serving sizes or how to read a label. Annapolis Valley Health's Nutrition Line toll free number is 1 888 642 8484. Michelle McLearn, director of food and nutrition services, says leave your question on the machine and an AVH or public health dietitian will return your call within 48 hours. You do not need a referral from a doctor to pick up the phone.

province's HealthLink 811, a 24 hour, seven days a week telecare service.

fight this growing problem."

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The nine or 10 dietitians in the region are all taking turns to respond to the phone line. Sherry Veinotte, dietitian at the EKM Community Health Centre, says a pilot last March confirmed an interest in the concept, which echoes the Omega Klockor Reparation

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Daily dining

Despite this country's dairy industry producing more than 665 varieties of cheese, I didn't know eating cheese at the end of a lunch allows the cheese to act like a toothbrush and clean teeth.

Dr. Mark MacLeod, president of the Ontario Medical Association: "The fact that we are raising a generation of children that may not outlive their parents should be enough incentive for political parties, doctors and other health care professionals to work together and take action to Köp Omega Speedmaster

Everybody needs over 50 nutrients every day to be healthy, so eat a variety of foods because no single food is perfect. (Blueberries come close, though. With 2,826 blueberry farms across Canada, we should be getting plenty of anti oxidants to maintain wellbeing.)

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I'm sure I was not alone as I nestled down Monday nights in front of the telly this winter to watch CBC TV's Village on a Omega Planet Ocean 600

Lacking moderation, a shocking 59 per cent of Canadians are considered overweight or obese. Obesity is a proven risk factor for a host of ailments and chronic diseases and it is estimated the health impacts of fat cost the health system approximately $2.2 to $2.5 billion per year.

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