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Nike Vapormax X

Nike Vapormax X

"It's a happy face with little legs heading down a path. It was in perspective and I was two and I'm not even sure how it happened," he said with a laugh.

Nike Vapormax X

Nike Vapormax X

On seeing his ideas come to life: "It'll be the lines or the way the forms are done or the style of the drawing or maybe the way that the colours play with each other that really kind of gets me excited."

As he got older, Landry's interest in art grew.

Now, almost 100 of the Summerside native's images are featured Rolex 11460

He submitted a few hundred drawings and "The Book of Clav" was born.

Nike Vapormax X

Nike Vapormax X

Written as journal entries by a fictional artist, the book incorporates Landry's images.

"It's funny because I've kind of gotten back into dinosaurs over the last couple of months," said Landry.

Currently art director at Bight Interactive Inc. "I go through phases where I favour one or another. I generally use them all, sometimes combinations of all of them at once."

"It just feels good to make pictures."

"I used to fill scribblers with pictures of dinosaurs. For a long time all I drew was dinosaurs," he added. "Then, whatever excited me, I was drawing."

Nike Vapormax X

Graduated in 2001 from Holland College's visual communications course

´╗┐Cultural activities

Worked as art director and staff illustrator for Wine Magazine, an online magazine in Nova Scotia

to be able to use all these skills for the job. This stuff Nike Vapormax X is just a creative exercise. It feels good. It's soul work."

He took classes, was an artist's assistant in high school and graduated from Holland College's visual communications program.

The images are a far cry from his art of late, mostly influenced by son D'anyil.

Nike Vapormax X

Hey, I went to class with Tyler pretty much my whole life even art in high school. I'm more than ready to say he was by far more talented than most of us and I'm so happy this article has been written to laud his work. He didn't just stick with the raw, as many of us are tempted to do, he diligently pursued mastery over his talent and in many forms. That's so admirable. Writing from away, I find it beyond exciting to read about my grad class in the JP. Thanks for the article and to Tyler for letting it happen.

Nike Vapormax X

Nike Vapormax X

Growing up, doodling dinosaurs, Tyler Landry never imagined his art would one day inspire a book.

in an independently published book, "The Book of Clav".

Nike Vapormax X

"It's amazing, awesome," Landry said. "I do my 9 to 5 job every day. I'm Rolex Datejust Ii 16300

In 2003, through an online art community, Landry met Scott Lambridis and Dave Senecal of California based independent publishers, Omnibucket.

lucky enough Rolex Milgauss White

His parents still have his very first piece.

"Out of the millions of artists there, his work immediately grabbed my attention," said Senecal.

"Since it would have been impossible to write a story to which the illustrations would match perfectly, it felt natural to take a step back and do something that allowed the art and the writing to inform each other without them being explicitly tied," said Lambridis. "The idea of someone finding this art randomly and exploring it on his own, without knowing the origin, felt natural."

"There's nothing literal between the content of any of these images and what's going on with the main character who is writing the entries," he explained. "They illustrate this dark space in a person's life, which was exactly what was going on in my life when I put these things together."

Landry, who they knew as 'Clav' his online moniker submitted images for Omnibucket's second release, "Eleventy Billion Miles Away", which led to Senecal and Lambridis asking Landry to collaborate on another book.

Landry has been drawing since he could hold a pencil.

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