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was very much an eye opener, says Inspector Dave Willetts. is definitely a large commercial venture from a team of people.

A large generator outside the building had alerted residents to the fact was some activity going on News Star has been taken on a tour of the mansion, with officers revealing the scale of the operation in the hope the public might spot tell tale signs and uncover other cannabis farms across the county.

One week on from the discovery the police investigation is ongoing to find out who was running one of the county biggest cannabis factories in deepest rural Cumbria and where they are now.

Nearly every room in the huge house appears to have been taken over for what police believe was a virtually 24 hour a day set up.

personal use. say the owner of the house had rented it to people who he believed were going to renovate it.

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DVDs and CDs that would have kept the workers entertained lay on the floor. A bag of dirty washing was ready to be taken to the laundry.

saw there were cannabis leaves on the floor and loads of evidence of cultivation. We quickly realised that it wasn a small operation. only cannabis plant left, aside from leaves scattered around, was what was described as the plant, said to be about 5ft tall and described as being a small Christmas tree Willetts adds: these type of cases, we really need members of the community to tell us about it.

damage inflicted on the property.

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But whoever had slept in recent days on the numerous mattresses found inside the house had Omega Klockor Värde

came across this because of the good work of the community who contacted us when they had suspicions.

Other rooms reveal blacked out and boarded up windows, huge sockets wired into walls, brackets to hold the lights over the plants hanging from the ceilings.

PC Simon Vogt was one of two officers who found the abandoned factory following a report of suspicious activity.

This diesel powered generator is surrounded by fuel containers and connected to electricity cabling that runs into the house.

isn just some small time cannabis for Försäkring Omega Klocka

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Cumbria police take News Star on tour of cannabis farm

cannabis farms need to be in rural locations and isolated places because it then becomes quite a task to identify them.

Furniture can be seen stacked up as if to make room for the drugs factory operation.

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Inside, an ornate hallway with a domed ceiling has cables running along the floor, heading off into other rooms where huge chunky wiring sits incongruously beneath chandeliers and huge ornate mirrors.

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Damp appears to be coming through the ceiling from the moisture created by the greenhouse style conditions in the rooms above, just some of the Rolex Yacht Master Rose Gold

Bags are littered around the house, some with equipment yet to be put to use, such as transistors and water pumps.

Police believe they must have stayed at the house near Maulds Meaburn, not far from Shap, for about five months and there were enough of them to need up to 20 mattresses.

this case the community came and contacted us. They had concerns about comings and goings, the sound of a generator.

Teabags sat on a dish beside the kettle, there was food in the kitchen.

Much of the house is in darkness but there are signs that people lived alongside the factory.

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Nike Vapormax Red Bronze

There are flowers in a bedroom, oriental writing on a picture on a Nike Vapormax Red Bronze wall, a magazine giving a rundown on the forthcoming European football championships lying on the floor.

Officers suspect there will have been few comings and goings from the house but in many cases the people working in these types of operations do not leave their home made factories.

Dried out and dead cannabis leaves lie on the floor. A kick of a pile of the remains and the faint smell of the drug wafts through the air.

Evidence exhibits were taken from more than 30 rooms, floor after floor was searched for two days.

Approaching the house, the first signs something might not be right is the large generator, sitting next to the house.

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Cannabis farmers need huge amounts of electricity to power the lights that shine down on the plants around the clock in this case the equivalent of energy worth about every month so your average household output is not an option.

fled, taking with them the cannabis plants they had been growing in room after room throughout the mansion.

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He says: we entered the property it was cool, it was dark. We started a search.

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Set in its own land, the mansion was ideal for drugs producers, who crave isolation, places away from prying eyes.

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