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Nike Vapormax Olive

However, Prof Ashton fears that Cumbria County Council will not show the same commitment to the cause as the now dissolved NHS Primary Care Trust he worked for.

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public should expect higher quality services than they currently getting. The county aspires to be average rather than good, or excellent. There a complacency. Ashton said Rolex 31mm


he was Nike Vapormax Olive raising his concerns out of passion for the area of expertise he has dedicated 37 years to, and now hopes he can have more impact using his role outside Cumbria.

a closed mindedness, an unwillingness to hang your dirty laundry out. But that the only way of improving Omega Klockor Guld

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didn want me there. I wasn going to go where I wasn wanted.

Prof Ashton said: we try to do things like that with the council, they don want to.

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Nike Vapormax Olive

Nike Vapormax Olive

Professor John Ashton is due to take up a post as president of the UK Faculty for Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians, which sets the standards for specialists in public health, in July.

happened over the last few months is that the lack of commitment to public health by the county council and the lack of support for myself has meant that quite a number of my team have left, and some of those who are still there are not very happy. Ashton said his old team regularly commissioned investigations, data and analysis to help them highlight and tackle problem areas.

the six years I been here, we made huge progress in public health, we had the GPs involved, we really had the support of the district councils, but the area I regard as a failure is in really getting the support of the county council. his personal passion is public health, Prof Ashton feels the people of Cumbria not well served by a number of public services.

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For example, a recent report from the former NHS Cumbria found stillbirths and infant mortality are below the regional and national average, but more could be done to reduce rates further.

He said: lot of public servants providing the services aim low, and miss.

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He described the council way of working as and reminiscent of the 1980s in Liverpool, where he comes from.

was made very clear to me by officers at the county council that they didn like my style and they Rolex Daytona 31mm

don recognise that the way to improve services is to be open, transparent and accountable.

But the former director of public health for Cumbria said he could have continued in his old role alongside this new challenge had his area of responsibility not changed hands.

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Cumbria public health in hands of 'complacent' council

He said: clear advocate for public health hasn been welcomed by the county council. They still old fashioned, they don welcome challenge, they not open to throwing the light on problem areas they much more concerned with ticking boxes and presenting to the public that everything OK when it isn necessarily.

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