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These labs are living libraries, for taking samples, recording and creating data available now and to future generations of scientists from across the world.

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DFO has defunded world class research laboratories, including the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), the only whole lake Rolex Rosa Urtavla

The holdings of the shuttered libraries go back decades, and provide baseline data upon which to record and evaluate changes brought about by the introduction of chemicals, invasive species and long term processes, like climate change and the acidification of the oceans.

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International Ocean Institute at Dalhousie University, states that much of the DFO library material was never available digitally.

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Gail Shea, minister of DFO, claims that closing libraries is value for taxpayers, yet the St. Andrews Station is brand new and cost several million taxpayer dollars.

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Burt Ayles, former regional director for freshwater, described the Marshall library as "world class" and "the best in Canada."

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libraries, including the Eric Marshall Library of the Freshwater Institute at the University of Manitoba Nike Vapormax Plus and the St. Andrews Biological Station in St.

They are right. Protecting the natural world requires a global, co operative effort. Canada has the scientists, the labs and a track record of global contributions. Let us continue to fund science and create real value for Canadians.

freshwater lab of its kind in the world; the marine contaminants program, led by Dr. Peter Ross, who revealed PCB contamination of killer whales; and the Polar Environment Atmospheric Research Lab, the furthest northern arctic research lab in the world.

About the threat to close ELA, Israeli oceanographers and lake scientists said, that the government "is stamping out the ability of the world scientific community to conduct the research required to formulate sound environmental policies."

These programs, said Dr. Ross, allow us to keep "our finger on the pulse of what's happening" in the natural world and enable scientists to advise governments on how to maintain vibrant economies and minimize hazards to human health and to the health of the land, fish and animals.

Minister Shea has also said that research is now done online. However, Dr. Peter Wells of the Geneve Omega

Cuts to science are cuts to environment protection

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