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Cutbacks won't affect front

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"If you look at the Canadian ratios, (Kentville) is a little higher than most," Mander said, referring to the number of officers per capita. "It enables us to do a better job and our clearance rates are better because of it, higher than the national average."

meeting on May 27, which contains funding for one less officer. The loss of an officer is expected to bring about roughly $100,000 in savings after the first year.

"I believe we do an excellent service, but if council makes a decision, we have to follow it. If I had concerns, I would be expressing the concerns, but I'm not. If I had concerns it would impact public safety, I'm the first person who would be speaking up."

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Mayor Dave Corkum has previously said the decision is based not only on fiscal considerations, but also because council believes there are simply too many officers on the town's police force.

Kentville's police chief says the loss of an officer won't affect the numbers of officers on the street rather, it will be programs that feel the impact of pending budget cuts.

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Nike Vapormax Purple Womens

At last week's council advisory committee meeting, several residents had the somewhat unusual opportunity Omega Automatic Geneve

A larger force has its advantages, says Mander.

Council will vote on the town's operating budget at its next Rolex Datejust 31

Nike Vapormax Purple Womens

Nike Vapormax Purple Womens

Mander said he wanted to reassure Kentville residents that they would see no impact on front line policing.

Kentville's police department is probably closest compared to Bridgewater. That town has a similar Nike Vapormax Purple Womens population base 7,900 compared to Kentville's 6,100, as reported in the 2011 census and Omega Klockor Täby

to speak out about the service provided by Kentville Police. Many said they felt safer in Kentville and believed policing was better in the town than in other parts of the county.

"It will more be in the area of the programs that we deliver currently, they're community based," Mander said. "It will affect that. Some may be picked up by other organizations, or we may try to do more with less. It's not going to affect patrols or response time."

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both have town police forces as opposed to RCMP. Kentville's proposed overall budget for this year is $11.9 million, of which $2.9 goes to policing, while Bridgewater's proposed overall budget for 2013 2014 is $10.6 million, with $3.8 million going towards policing costs.

Nike Vapormax Purple Womens

Mander believes the public perception is likely due to the amount of time officers spend on the street, adding, "We certainly keep a lid on things" as far as the cases Kentville police are working on. That's because, he said, many are intelligence led investigations.

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Bridgewater, however, has a larger police force, with 16 front line officers, eight in the detective unit, a chief and a deputy chief for a total of 26. There are 19 members of the Kentville force: three paid for by other levels of government, two managers, a community liaison officer, a detective and 12 other officers.

Ultimately, it will be up to Chief Mark Mander to decide what position is cut. Mander said May 15 that his focus will be maintaining front line service.

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