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I stop him to ask him about that balance and the pressure his career brings some of the media have pointed at celebrity pressure as a potential reason for their marriage breakdown.

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It sounds simple, when you put it like that. I asked Lee if there was any other piece of advice people had given him to help him cope with modern living.

He certainly has been facing things head on. However, it was clear, Lee has many more dreams he is determined to achieve even if areas of his life are in flux and not just any dream will do.

I have rarely interviewed anyone speaking at a faster rate. And I got the feeling this speed was relevant to the rest of his life too.

On Sunday, September 15, he will bring his Evening with Lee Mead to The Forum, in Barrow. The audience can expect to hear songs from Wicked, Legally Blonde, Joseph, Phantom of the Opera, as well as songs from his hit albums such as the hits Hallelujah, by Leonard Cohen, and George Harrison classic Here Comes the Sun.

It had been a bad week for Lee Mead, and event organisers asked me not to mention it. Still the world was speculating on what went on to end the four year marriage he shared with Denise van Outen.

You could forgive the singing star, who won TV Any Dream Will Do and launched onto the musicals scene in 2007, for taking a month off. But he sounded upbeat when he spoke to me from London.

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Nike Air Vapormax Mid

He was still speaking very quickly but I couldn avoid the question about him and Denise and I had to ask how can you be yourself when you are in the limelight, and when your marriage has become the media topic of the moment?

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Nike Air Vapormax Mid

He told me: life is completely different from what it was before Any Dream Will Do. Before, I was a jobbing actor Omega Klockor Varberg

It was quite a lot to listen to, let alone live out. And then Lee had a whole list of future ambitions, including bringing his own show to the Royal Albert Hall, and starring in an original musical.

come along that you have to deal with but there are no actual worries I tend to try to face things head on.

The pair revealed their break up in a statement adding that the welfare of their three year old daughter Betsy remained their 'number one Rolex Daytona Black Dial

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The 32 year old rattled off an intimidating to do list, with 20 musical numbers to perfect and perform, and four weeks of rehearsals for a short UK tour, sharpening up with his Prislista Omega Klockor

I still see myself as that, but I have had more opportunities and played more lead roles. It has opened a lot of doors.

In the six years since he was launched into TV stardom, Lee has taken on leading roles in some of the biggest West End musicals including Wicked, Joseph and Legally Blonde. And it hasn ended there.

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Separation is hard for anyone, but for a pair who reside permanently in the limelight it must be exceptionally difficult especially when they have a work diary which is as full as Lee current schedule.

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He said: best piece of advice anyone has given me and it said a lot but it harder to totally act upon it is to be yourself.

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a lot of fun, he told me, explaining his practice sessions and his tour plans. He said it was lot of fun four times during the interview.

Cumbria Live interview musicals star Lee Mead

band, alongside learning scripts for TV work.

He has also starred in award winning theatre productions, and pushed his singing talents to release a double gold debut album, followed by two, equally successful albums. He is currently working on his next, to be released in 2014.

pretty happy with the way the past six years have gone. I have got a beautiful daughter. It important to balance my family life.

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Lee said: can be hard but it about holding your dignity. I know my principles when to speak and when not to.

Later on in our discussion, I asked what his main worries were. He added: Nike Air Vapormax Mid really worries me. My daughter future is a thing I wish for I wish for her to be happy.

He told me: try not to let the pressure bother me. As long as you a decent person, you put the work in and produce quality work everything else you laugh and don let it bother you.

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