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Nike Vapormax Crimson

don see much Cumbrian dialect on TV. It overlooked in the whole country.

think it great. It such a unique language. It good Nike Vapormax Crimson to hear someone speaking the local tongue. It not necessarily dying. It just now in the farming community in small rural communities. In Carlisle they don talk like that.

like that. I get so many messages saying Omega Co Axial 8500

which registers a mere two or three on the Cumbrian crackometer.

He very much a single character. Fresh Prince O Shap appeared on YouTube, just went crazy, says the mystery man.

Nike Vapormax Crimson

Here comes the answer.

are lots of rumours about who I am and where I from, he says, in an accent Omega Klocka Auktion

Who this man is remains a mystery which he is not about to solve.

Nike Vapormax Crimson

How y deein? Y he does not look like Dicky Dippinson.

song sees Dicky telling his life story.

The man in reception at the News Star Dalston Road office in Carlisle sounds very familiar.

Dicky is a farmer who sings and raps. Thousands of people have watched his songs and monologues on YouTube.

Nike Vapormax Crimson

I get 5,000 friends on Facebook then maybe there a chance I will come out. then, he declines to reveal his real name or to say where he from, other than how did this all begin?

a lot of people that live outside the area that don fully understand everything that said. But they still enjoy it.

Nike Vapormax Crimson

Nike Vapormax Crimson

Nike Vapormax Crimson

Dicky sings about his life in Shap. He talks about his pet hate: city folk leaving gates open. And he talks and sings about the most important thing in his life: sheep dip.

Watch Fresh prince ot' shap. Article continues below.

got Dicky Dippinson in reception for you. stumbling downstairs in anticipation of an audience with Dicky. I watched his videos, laughed and wondered.

One of these was Fresh Prince O Shap.

runs Dicky Dippinson Dip Emporium. Dicky does dips for everything. Dips you can eat. Dips for your kids. Dips for pets. Dips for your furniture.

just outside Aspatria born and raised, in a field is where I spent most of my days. Baling on, baling off, acting all cool, shooting some rabbits outside of the school. Me mam went mad I got in a scrap and said move in with your nana in Shap. else do we know about Dicky? He was born in 1975, which makes him about five years older than his creator.

The accent and the dialect are broad Cumbrian. A black woolly hat is perched high on his head. His teeth. let not talk about his teeth.

The man in reception looks younger, fresh faced, short haired, and thankfully not in need of industrial scale dental surgery.

Watch Dicky perform Dip me baby yan more time. Article continues below.

Dicky Facebook page reveals that he was educated at the Ot Fettlin Yokklin real gripe is folk leaving gates open. When he not on the farm he sells dip at the dip emporium. there a Mrs Dippinson?

loves it. The amount of lovely comments is brilliant. It nice to get a message saying had a rubbish day at work. It really cheered me up. get a real buzz out of making people laugh. Ever since being little. he Dicky: was born to hoss aboot and have a bit banter! creator says most fans are Cumbrians who know the dialect but there are others as far afield as Norway and Australia.

Nike Vapormax Crimson

Nike Vapormax Crimson

started in January when Dicky created a Facebook page. to have a bit of a crack! he says, in Dicky voice.

To the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, this Rolex Submariner On Wrist

those four weeks I added 2,500 followers on Facebook.

So is Dicky Dippinson a real farmer? Or has someone twisted reality to create a striking comic character?

are you? I just Dicky from Shap!

Nike Vapormax Crimson

He has 3,300 Facebook friends, a number which is rapidly rising.

he got one dip for all: Super Clarty Git Among It Dip For Dippin Owt In. fame has grown in the past month, since someone put the videos from his Facebook page on YouTube.

Cumbria's rapping farmer is an internet sensation

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