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Nike Vapormax Review

Clark has 24 previous convictions for 95 offences, the last Moonphase Omega

One charge related to his job interview for Netherhall, when he did not own up to his criminal past and pretended to have a first class degree in electrical engineering. The other concerned lies he told about his qualifications to previous employers M Sport.

A CRB check usually takes between Omega Geneve Guld På Stål

Most related to dishonesty and fraud in Cumbria and Lancashire and he has been jailed for some of the crimes, the court heard

He started work at Netherhall in June 2009 and, until January 2010, no suspicions were raised about either his character or work.

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The court heard how Clark, 48, of Allonby, had access to all areas of the secondary school and in the evenings worked unsupervised. He appeared in court to be sentenced for two counts of fraud.

Mr Sibbit told the News Star that he had made inquiries about why the CRB check was taking so long, but the answers he received left him none the wiser as to the reasons behind the delay.

Then a laptop was stolen and a member of staff noted he was when she told him about the theft.

Nike Vapormax Review

was recorded in 2003.

Nike Vapormax Review

Nike Vapormax Review

And during the day, when the youngsters were present, he worked as part of a team.

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Nike Vapormax Review

Mr Sibbit said Clark had been allowed to start work before it was complete because he had no direct responsibility for children.

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Mr Sibbit added: fully understand that people will be concerned that someone with a criminal record was able to find employment in a school. I would like to reassure them that this is the first time this has happened at Netherhall and hopefully it will be the last. school took up three references for Clark and, like with all new employees, he was monitored Nike Vapormax Review during his probation period.

Although he pointed out that staff had checked Clark was not on List 99 which names people banned from working in schools.

Speaking after the hearing, Netherhall headteacher David Sibbit said the CRB process was not quick enough on this occasion.

Mr Sibbit added: a person is determined to pull the wool over people eyes and not be honest about their background it quite difficult to actually get underneath that. why it so important that the CRB process is quicker than it was in this case.

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Cumbria school caretaker was serial fraudster

court no evidence was offered by the prosecution and the matter was dropped. In mitigation, barrister Rod Halligan said Clark was trying to leave his past behind and had thought his convictions were Halligan told the court: a case where he was simply seeking to gain employment. He clearly did work at that school, it not a fraud where he has obtained something for nothing. Paul Batty QC called Clark a fraudster whose crimes disqualified him from working in a school. sentenced him to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years.

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Clark was also ordered to carry out 150 hours of community service.

two weeks and four months.

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The same day he left work early claiming he had to play rugby in the north east and never came back. Clark sent in a series of sick notes to say he had been injured during the match but did not return calls from the school or answer the door when colleagues went to his house. In March the CRB check finally arrived and Netherhall realised he was a criminal. Clark was initially charged with theft of the laptop but when the case came to Rolex Datejust 36 Jubilee

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