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He maps out an ambitious agenda for the county in the months ahead, starting with a study of agricultural lands to see what can be done to make it easier for farmers to do business here. He wants to beef up the county's road system, which he describes as being five years behind the times, and open up new industrial land east of Redmond. Doing so, he says, would help improve the area's economy.

25 but he has spent close to a year getting ready and then running for the commission seat being vacated by Dennis Luke. He has attended countless county meetings and met with all but one of the county government department heads. He won his primary race handily, and he hasn't slowed down since. He is, in many respects, a walking catalogue of information about county government in general and Deschutes County in particular. With neither family demands nor a business to run, he says he will give the commission job the 10 hour days he is currently giving the Rolex Klocka Guld Stål

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He also believes that while the county is likely to need more jail space down the road, it can extend the life of the existing facility by doing such things as releasing more inmates with electronic ankle monitors. The county now charges those inmates $25 per day for the privilege, and he believes it should pick up the tab. He makes a good case for Rolex Submariner Pris

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We do not agree with Brown on everything, however. We don't believe the county is best served by three full time commissioners rather than by several part time ones and a strong county manager, for example.

In the end, however, The Bulletin believes Brown is the better choice for county commission. He is bright, articulate and as well prepared as any candidate of the nearly 100 we have spoken to in the past couple of months. If he is still a bit green around the edges, that is hardly a disqualifier. He will serve Deschutes County well.

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Brown has slightly less ambitious goals, as well. One inefficiency that needs addressing, he says, is that the lights in the County Services Building are left on all night.

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that approach: No county jail, even the most efficiently run one, can operate for $25 per prisoner per day.

Make no mistake about it: If Dallas Brown is elected to the Deschutes County Commission, the quiet times are likely to end. That may well be a good thing.

Dallas Brown for county commission

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race for that job.

Deschutes County, like most governments in Oregon, is hardly rolling in money these days, and several of Brown's proposals aim directly at improving the situation. Beyond the relatively small savings that such measures as turning off the lights are likely to generate, he recognizes that labor costs must also be addressed. County workers contribute only minimally to their health insurance costs, for one thing, and, like most public employees in this state, their 6 percent PERS contribution is picked up by their employer, in this case Deschutes County. He notes that negotiations with three unions representing county workers will begin soon, and he believes union concessions are necessary.

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Brown is opposed in this race by Republican Tony DeBone Nike Vapormax Triple Black 1.0 Vs 2.0 of La Pine. DeBone, too, has things to offer county government, among them representation of an area that has, arguably, been under represented in the past. DeBone is a small business man, as well, and may have a better feel for the impact government can have on small business.

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