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Townsville Bicycle Users Group president Rebecca Ryan said the Port Access Road was used by heavy vehicles, but not restricted to them.

Signage has been erected at both ends of Townsville's $214 million Port Access Road this week, advising the road, which opened last December, now doubles as a cycling circuit.

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Nike Vapormax Flyknit Multicolor

He said the signage was merely an advisory to raise awareness among other road users that there are cyclists in the area.

"They're going to put the people who are most at risk from the road out there with those heavy vehicles, that are perceived to be dangerous," she said.

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"Cyclists choosing to use this road need to be aware of the presence of road trains and are reminded to keep left and never ride more than two abreast."

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"It is hoped that when drivers are reminded of the possibility they will encounter cyclists, they will be more alert to the risks involved and it won't be a matter of 'expecting the unexpected' but of expecting cyclists and showing due care and consideration."

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A Department of Transport and Main Roads Nike Vapormax Flyknit Multicolor spokesman said the department had observed an increasingly high volume of cyclists using state controlled roads for individual and group training rides, including the Port Access Rd, Hervey Range Rd, Riverway Drive and Stuart Drive.

"It is important that when people are driving on these roads that they are aware of the likelihood that there will be cyclists riding in bunches, two abreast," she said.

I think many here complaining about cyclists on the Port access road have been flying with the fairies or are suddenly 'shocked', when the fact Rolex Submariner Black Gold

Danger ahead as heavy vehicle road to double as cycling circuit

Townsville based Anderson Transport Services operator Barbara Anderson said the Port Access Rd was designed specifically for heavy vehicles, to provide them Omega Klockor I Malmö

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Nike Vapormax Flyknit Multicolor

"This measure is designed to maintain safety on the road network," he said. "The Townsville Port Access Rd is not a motorway and therefore cyclists are able to use it."

"What a lot of people forget, is that when a truck is travelling along and along that route there it's 100km/h, and there are people riding pushbikes, the suction from the vehicles that are travelling through can often suck a rider in towards a truck," she said.

is cyclists have been riding on that road from the day it opened. And like many here have Rolex Oyster Perpetual Klocka

already said, like myself, we find the road has plenty of room for everyone, as long as we all obey and respect the law and all road users and those with every right to use the road cyclists included. Maybe you should (re)read Rebecca's post below/above again and understand that there is no problem here really. The new signs are just stating the facts as they have always been, as I said, since the road had been open. Take a chill people.

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with direct access to the port.

Transport operators are furious they were not consulted about the plan by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, which has come just five months after the tragic death of cyclist Sue Bell, who was killed when hit by a truck while group riding along Shaw Rd.

Fernando of Townsville Posted at 9:03 PM November 17, 2013

"They're putting them out there all on the same road."

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She said cyclist activity along the road was never brought up any time during the planning process.

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