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other was of the board game Mousetrap, if you remember that, with all different kinds of brightly coloured mechanisms and parts to it that didn really do the job any better. I think that a good analogy.

Almost two months on and he says it is a breath of fresh air to be working in the Scottish system away from the unnecessary bureaucracy of the English health service.

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Dr Calvert, who lives at Linstock, just north of Carlisle, found himself having to travel to Chorley about four days a week. So when a similar job came up in Dumfries Galloway he jumped at Omega Geneve Ny

Nigel Calvert was NHS Cumbria associate director of public health until the Government high profile reorganisation of the health service in March this year.

The primary care trust was abolished and his role planning vaccination and screening programmes and reacting to Rolex Klocka Pris Herr

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England NHS commissioners the Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England get money in and then buy health Omega Seamaster Köp

does seem a lot more straightforward here. I pleased with the move. Calvert, 50, worked in public health in Cumbria for more than 20 years.

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any outbreaks of illness moved to a regional office as part of a new body, Public Health England.

Cumbrian health chief says working across Border 'a breath of fresh air'

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might work in London and the big cities but for much of England it just the wrong model, he explained.

In his last two decades he helped the county deal with everything from E. coli and Legionnaire disease, to foot and mouth and the MMR vaccine controversy. I am sure that, even as an Associate Director and therefore relatively senior within the NHS, the overall organisation of that NATIONAL institution is slightly outside the remit of a Cumbria Public Health Chief?

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are so many organisations now it silly. Before I left I used two pictures to explain it. One was of an old mouse trap; it might need a bit of oil or new cheese but it did the job.

services from various providers.

here in Scotland you don get that. There is one organisation that runs everything the hospital, public health, community services. To me it just seems a blatantly obvious thing to do. added that various Governments have increased the use of private competition in the English NHS, which again doesn happen in Scotland.

think the English system needs to change. There are too many bodies. It so much simpler in Scotland, he said.

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He got the job, as public health medicine chief, and started on October Nike Air Vapormax Black 1.

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