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She said: am very pleased, and very proud of them all. the obvious hardships ahead, the Jones family remain positive.

Mrs Jones had been due to retire as a GP this year, but was forced into early retirement in September.

Cumbrian mum's illness inspires family

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nothing I can do to help my mum on a day to day basis, Ben explained.

race Nike Vapormax Asphalt happened to fall on Mother Day and I thought this was my day to really show what mum means to me. was meant to be running with his two brothers Chris, 22, who works in London, and 27 year old Nathaniel, who is studying for his PhD in Glasgow. However, in January Ben was involved in a hit and run incident in Liverpool and broke his leg.

Ben explained: was tough to accept at first; my mum been a doctor for so long and dedicated her life to helping other people get better, so for such a ruthless illness to take her was really hard to accept and there were a few tears shed.

Her youngest son, Ben, 20, who is studying for a degree in psychology at the University of Liverpool, decided to run Köpa Omega Klocka

Mr Jones, 61, said: just felt the right thing to do; to be with the boys and to show support for my wife and to other sufferers with motor neurone disease. Jones, who works as a dentist in Carlisle, completed the run in an impressive one hour 57 minutes, but admits he is naturally fit Rolex Submariner 2016

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

a half marathon in Liverpool to show support for his mum and raise awareness of the disease.

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

Christine Jones, 60, was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in July last year.

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

was an added boost to the team, when Mrs Jones husband, Stephen, decided to join his sons in the race.

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

Since then her health has deteriorated, but she praised the team for raising money and awareness for the Motor Neurone Disease Association the only charity helping people with the disease.

all adults though and we learning just because she has motor neurone disease, doesn mean motor neurone disease has her or her family. added: making the most of all the time we do have.

anyway as he is a fell runner and a member of Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team.

It is a progressive degenerative disease that attacks the upper and lower motor neurones, leading to weakness and wasting of the muscles.

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

He said: I am dealing with is nothing to what my mum has to deal with; a few more weeks on crutches and I be fine. When I broke my leg I was pretty gutted, because this was my chance to do something for my mum, but then my flatmate Adam Flett said he do it for me. Omega Aqua Terra Railmaster Xxl

Nike Vapormax Asphalt

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